Why is reading important?

I asked my fourth grade students today the simple starter question, "Why is reading important?" We had just started using Kidblog so I was not expecting a plethora of long responses. Of the first twelve responses from the minds of ten-year-old students, at no time did they mention anything in terms of enjoyment. Do they not want to discover the  hidden wonders of Alaska, Hogwarts or even Terabithia? Do they not want to travel to the times of Lewis & Clark's expedition or the kingdom of Henry VIII? The response that was both alarming and heartbreaking can be seen below. Do students think the K-Prep is real life? Do they truly believe that learning to read is important so they can perform well on a standardized test?

My question to the Internet:

The Start of My Blogger Life

Why did I start a blog titled, "Here is my WHY?" The answer is very simple. Everyday we are asked questions that deal with, what I like to call the "WHY." Sometimes people ask us these questions, but other times we ask ourselves these questions as a time for reflection.

  • Why do I drink 1% milk?
  • Why do I cheer for the Louisville Cardinals?
  • Why did I become an elementary school teacher?
  • Why am I teaching multiplication of fractions?
  • Why does knowing birds eat frogs, while frogs eat flies really that important for fourth graders?
I want to examine all of these "Whys" of not just my life, but that of those in society. That is what I hope to accomplish and is my response to "WHY" did I start this blog.
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